Why Is Quizlet Not Free Anymore? Understanding The Changes

For years, Quizlet has been a go-to resource for students looking for a free, effective way to study and learn. The platform's flashcards, games, and study modes have helped countless individuals master new concepts and prepare for exams. However, recent changes have left many wondering, why is Quizlet not free anymore?

Until recently, a free Quizlet account included unlimited access to all study modes: Flashcards, Learn, Write, Spell, Test, Gravity, and Match. While ads were present, they weren't overly intrusive. But that all changed when Quizlet introduced significant limitations for free users.

The New Quizlet Subscription Model

With the latest updates, flashcards remain the only study mode with unlimited free access. Nitin Gupta, Quizlet's Vice President of Product, clarified the changes in a blog post, stating, "Quizlet's world-class Flashcards are (and will always be!) free." However, while flashcards are undoubtedly powerful, they fall behind modes like Learn and Test in their effectiveness for building long-term memory.

Ironically, Quizlet itself advocates for studying methods now primarily available under the Quizlet Plus subscription. Their website explains the science behind techniques like guidance fading and pretesting, which are facilitated through the Learn and Test modes. "Rather than re-reading your notes or textbook, start your studying with a pretest by using Quizlet's Test mode," Quizlet suggests. "Then practice the terms you missed in Learn."

Non-subscribers now get only five free rounds of Learn and one free practice test per study set – an amount that can barely familiarize students with large study sets. To fully utilize these science-backed tools, students must pay for a Quizlet Plus plan, which costs $35.99 per year or $7.99 per month. For those seeking alternatives with better functionalities, tools like Studygenie offer a way to turn documents and notes into practice quizzes without any subscription fees.

While the price may seem steep for some, it's important to consider the alternatives. Private tutoring can cost significantly more. For students seeking affordable supplementary study options, turning to study tools is still a more viable choice.

The end of Quizlet's fully free model has undoubtedly been a disappointment for many students accustomed to unlimited access. However, the company likely sees the subscription model as a necessary step to remain financially viable and continue improving its offerings. As with any change, some will embrace the new system, while others may seek alternative study resources.

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